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What are School Councils? Each TUSD school has a school council which helps set goals for the school. The purpose of having a site council at Miller Elementary School is to insure that individuals who are affected by the outcome of a decision at the school site share in the decision-making process. 

Site Council is responsible for:
*Making recommendations to the Superintendent for submission of the school's 301 Plan goals.
*If needed, the site members of site council help with the hiring selection of the school's administration.
*Assist in the allocation of budget for the school's curriculum.
*Determine the use of undesignated tax credit money at the school as provided by law. 


Meeting Schedule


2020-21 School Site Council Members

  • Facilitators/Leads Contact Information:
    Site Council Lead: 

    Ms. Rivera - Primary Teacher

    (520) 908-4200

    Contact Ms. Rivera by email


    Family Engagement Lead:

    Mrs. Lindsey Aragon - MTSSF/Family Engagement Contact

    (520) 908-4246

    Contact Mrs. Aragon by email


    Additional Family Engagement and Site Council Team Members: 

    --Maricella Carranza - Principal
    (520) 908-4200 or Contact Mrs. Carranza by email 

    --Mary Zeller – Intermediate Teacher
    (520) 908-4200 or
    Contact Ms. Zeller by email

    --Sonia Navarrete – Primay/ELD Teacher

    (520) 908-4200 or Contact Ms. Navarrete by email  

    --Guadalupe Dominguez – Parent of intermediate student

     (520) 908-4200

    --Vanesa Gamez – Parent of primary student

    (520) 908-4200 

    --Bev Zeller – Community Member

    (520) 908-4200



    *If you would like to join one of both of the teams, please contact Ms. Rivera or Mrs. Aragon. 
    You can also check the calendar for our next meeting date if you would like to attend. Parents, guardians, community members and staff are always welcome!  



2020-21 School Site Council Agendas

2020-21 School Site Council Minutes


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